Raytech windows film is the perfect answer for automobile owners who are seeking for the best driving comfort. It delivers optimal comfort, style and performance all in a go. Now all owners can enjoy the luxury and pleasure of their vehicles that they deserve.

Cooling Room Condition

Our films’ ability to reject and block the majority of heat from the sunlight is second to none. It offers a great cooling room condition which in return brings a higher level of interior comfort to the building.

Empowering Green House Effect

Recent research has proved that Raytech windows films help save energy cost by 30% as it effectively reduce the consumption of air-conditioning by eliminating external heat and containing the coolness within the building.

Long Lifespan

Made up from materials with the highest quality, Raytech windows film offers a long product life span that meets customer’s requirements for optimal solar control solution. Making sure customers’ investment is well worth it

Professional Service

we are committed to provide professional service and deliver the best result to our customers. In Raytech, we prioritize on our customers’ interest.

Raytech Architectural Film Range