Establish Brand

Throughout the years, Raytech International Window Films has been an established brand that you can trust. We have been in this industry for more than 10 years where we had brought heritages to window film industry and long service employees who are full of experience that care about your needs. Proven track records along the year’s shows that we had tint countless of vehicle, residential projects and even commercial project as well. Thus, we had earn to become one of most trusted window film brand in the market.

Made is USA

Our products are made in USA and it is from a world class manufacturer, Commonwealth Laminating & Coating, Inc (CLC). Raytech insist not only in choosing the finest raw material but also tie up with cutting edge technology and window film expertise manufacturer.

Customizing Best Product

Raytech has larger market segment in the industry as we specially engineered our products to be the best. We do not market similar grade and quality which are existing in the market. By emphasizing in innovation and creativity, we make a huge leap to customize our own series of products with our manufacturer. Numerous Research and Development (R&D) funds has been invested to develop magnificent products that possess greatest heat rejection and longer life span. Besides this, our products are also certified by ANSI (America National Standard Institute) and TUV after passing TSER (Total Solar Energy Rejection) and weather durability test. With this, Raytech products gives more confidence to customers in terms of superb heat rejection and reliability.

Professional Tint Consultant

Most of the customers do not know about window films and how to choose the right window films. In Raytech, our knowledgeable tint consultant will explain and guide you step by step to understand what is best for you and match with your budget. Even with surprise, you might be able to purchase a good product at lower budget. Beside this, we also offer practical testing such as real time Infra-Red Spot light testing and Solar Meter reading to ensure you get the right product. A final spot light testing will be conducted after window film installation to ensure final validation.

Excellent Workmanship

In Raytech, we offers professional workmanship. Professionalism is not about year of experience and how fast you can complete in tinting a vehicle. It is more towards the expertise related in how many models of car that you ever perfectly install with different level of difficulty, how to take care the vehicle and avoid the damage that might occur on the sensitive part of the vehicle. Raytech is the authorized window films installer for most of the car brands in the market as we experience with various type of vehicles. Our technician are well trained and supervised by senior on every single piece of window we install. We have Quality Control (QC) protocol to make sure customers are 100% satisfied with our job.

Peace of Mind

One of the hottest issue in window film industry is that customer may not be getting the original product as what they pay for. Reason is because window films are physically look alike, and tricky seller may change the product during installation to make more profits. It’s a disaster to the customer and the brand’s principle especially when the changed product started deteriorate after a short period. To overcome this issue in the industry, Raytech take the lead to design a special warranty card system with the objective to ensure our customer can purchase genuine Raytech product with peace of mind. Our warranty card are standardized in one design and issued by principle though out all branches. Every warranty card come with two (2) window slots which are product label stickers. Product label stickers are highly encrypted with barcodes and holograms for traceability purpose and it is limited control item which comes with window film.

Most Prefer Tinting Brand from Car Dealer

With overwhelming customer recognitions and confidence, Raytech has tied up with many car manufacturers to provide installation services on their brand new cars. This indicates the credibility and trust from the consumers towards our brand.

Comprehensive Warranty Coverage

Usually window films manufacturer offers a warranty period of 5 to 7 years. However new window films brand will provide longer warranty period compares to film manufacturer as they want to attract customer’s confidence. Somehow, they don’t understand window film’s characteristic. Window films has lifespan due to its adhesive layer (Glue Layer) will start to decompose and that is where bubbling effect start to appear. Most of the customer will face this problem just after 2 to 3 years. Most of the window film shop will charge on de-installation and cleaning process during warranty claim at their products to earn back some cost. As for Raytech, we provide 7 years warranty to our customer without any hidden charges during warranty claim. Beside this, we also demonstrate Solar Power Meter test to our customer during warranty period to ensure our product remain stable within the warranty period.