How is the window tinting market today.

Today, the tinting industry is very competitive. Therefore, we see huge potential and growing in tint industry. Solar film bring great benefit to human health and energy saving. As such, the demand of solar control film will never stop to prevent the sun heat. It applies to automobile, residential, government, and commercial sector.

Raytech Franchise

Raytech franchising system is built and to continue to search for more franchisees in the growing of the tint business. We prefer new venture personnel in automobile trade with good network and contacts with the car showrooms, auto-accessories after-market, windscreen replacement, window film or others auto related business to join in the business. We expecting our franchisees will continue generate more revenue and continue growth over the years.

The franchisees must have a professional team of operation to business, provide excellent consultant service, handling customer, installation workmanship, finishing work, and after sales service.

Franchise Support

  • Franchise Consultancy
  • Branding visual and corporate identity
  • Site selection
  • Outlet design and construction
  • Marketing Plan
  • Purchasing
  • Advertising and Public Relations
  • New Product Development
  • Comprehensive Management and Training

Franchisees Application