Raytech Tinting has designed a special warranty card system to make sure our customer purchased a genuine Raytech product. Raytech principle only distribute limited amount of Standard Warranty card and Hologram Product Label Stickers along with the stock ordering by each Raytech Authorized Licensed dealer.

Do you know?

We have only one type of standard warranty card. You must make sure you received this standard Raytech warranty card and two (2) pieces of Hologram Product Label Sticker are pasted inside the card, one sticker is the product code for front windscreen and the second one is product code for the rest of the windows.

This warranty card is important to protect our customer interest. You will fail to claim the product warranty , if you unable to present the standard warranty card or the label stickers are not pasted inside. On the other hand, by carrying the standard warranty card with you, you are able to claim your warranty in any Raytech Authorized Dealer in whole nation.

Any enquiry about Raytech Warranty Issue can reach us on following email address: Email : wecare@raytechfilms.com; wecare@raytech.com.my